Love to Count

Love to Count Parents' Choice
  • 700 maths tasks
  • introducing & practicing counting, adding, subtracting and ordering
  • motivatig reward system
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Love to Count (4+) by Pirate Trio is an educational application for the iPhone and iPad, designed for children aged from 4 to 7.

Aimed at introducing maths to your child as an enjoyable and rewarding activity, this app creatively demonstrates the idea of numbers being the indicators of order, time, weight, and quantity, enhancing their natural urge to find order in the world of numbers and shapes.

Parents are provided with a tracking screen which is helpful for evaluating child’s progress.The logging system allows the app to be used by more than 1 child without loosing their scores and rewards given for correct answers.

Love to Count by Pirate Trio helps teach and perfect such skills as:
* knowing the sequence of numbers from 1 to 10,
* counting up and down,
* understanding the relationship between numbers (1,2,3…) and ordinals (first, second, third…),
* adding and subtracting,
* making 10,
* learning halves, quarters and thirds; recognition of symmetrical division,
* recognizing left from right.

Love to Count by Pirate Trio aims to encourage your child to discover and understand maths, rather than learn it by heart.

Love to Read

  • teaching the relationship between letters & phonics and their sounds
  • inspired by Montessori teaching methods


Love to Read by Pirate Trio is an iPhone and iPad app for children who are just starting their adventure with reading, designed to lead them through the steps of getting to know words and understanding how to apply them.

Inspired by Montessori teaching methods, this app allows your child to play with ‘deconstructing’ words by shaking the iPhone or iPad to scatter the letters. The challenge is to then put the letters back into place so that the word is re-constructed again. While attempting to put the word together, the app teaches its young users how letters sound individually as well as in fixed combinations such as: sh, ch, th, ph, ck, ai, ee, oo. Learning the relationship between each letter and its sound is believed to be an excellent foundation for fluent reading skills.

Once the word is successfully re-constructed, the app demonstrates the meaning and possible use of that word in a sentence, to expand your child’s vocabulary and general knowledge. In addition to the simultaneous reading and displaying of each sentence, the app allows users to hear individual words when they are touched. The Love to Read by Pirate Trio app enhances memory via visual and audio stimulation, which conforms to the Montessori principle that learning is most effective when it takes place through as many senses possible.

Children using this app do not just learn how to read and write the names of many common and useful items, but also learn where these things belong, what they look like, how they may be used in practice and what their most important features are. Love to Read by Pirate Trio is therefore recommended for home schooling.

Shapes and Puzzles

  • 200 imaginative puzzles for the iPad and 180 for the iPhone
  • hours of stimulating play with three fun modes
  • training module for toddlers
Skills Skills


Shapes & Puzzles: 3+ by Pirate Trio is an educational application for the iPhone and iPad designed for 3- to 6-year-olds, with an additional training module for 3-year-olds.

The app presents your child with sets of geometrical shapes which they can use to construct pre-defined images of buildings, vehicles, people, animals, plants, tools and lots more.
The additional training module is aimed at teaching toddlers to recognize and name polygons, circles and ovals.

Shapes & Puzzles helps improve your child’s ability to recognize shapes and sizes, and contributes to the refinement of their perceptual skills. They are encouraged to spot geometrical shapes in the surrounding environment, and appreciate the symmetry and asymmetry in architecure and design that they come into contact with every day.

Children from non-English speaking countries can benefit from this game as an English teaching resource, as it contains 150 words and some useful expressions.

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